Terrell Owens Visits BEiLEET HQ

Former NFL star Terrell Owens (T.O.) visits the BEiLEET Lifestyle headquarters.


Last month was a special one for everybody here at BEiLEET as we had a special visitor came to BEiLEET Lifestyle HQ. It’s good to see T.O. staying active; not only as a former professional athlete, but as a businessman.

T.O., head designer Nate Willis, and the team came to meet with owner of Salty Uniforms, Sultan Masri, to collaborate on their new line of fashion clothing. Sultan took it upon himself to introduce the BEiLEET Zone Wireless Speaker to T.O. during his visit which he truly enjoyed. Thanks for the love team T.O. #BEiLEET

When T.O. resigned, he left the NFL with a bang. His career stats speak for themselves.

Terrell Owens NFL Career Stats:

According to NBC Sports, Owens played in 219 games, caught 1,078 passes (sixth) for 15,934 yards (second) and 153 touchdowns (third).

Y2 – 341 S Broadway St. (Produced by Scraps Slaps)

Y2 – 341 S Broadway St. (Produced by Scraps Slaps)

BEiLEET gets a mention from LA’s very own Y2 and Scraps Slaps. After speaking to the artist and producer, they told us that the BEiLEET Zone was the original inspiration for the song. They’ve worked very hard to get where they’re at now and they’re hungry for more. Their willingness to constantly hustle and never give up is what makes them iLEET.


Lyric Highlights:

I turn my system on

These BEiLEET speakers got me in my zone

Not too many wolves had to leave ‘em lone

See them ni**as wasn’t working had to leave ‘em home

Ain’t no 9 to 5 been 9 to 9 since 99′

24/7 did 25/8 with mine

Always chasing something

Tryna lead the team now

Had to get them ni**as off the roster only tryna live my dream now


Y2 is on his way to attend SxSW in Texas, which is taking place on March, 11, 2016. It’s exciting to see him find his spot in the hip hop industry which is why we’d like to wish him a fun and safe trip as he leaves Los Angeles and makes his way to his home state.

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@y2heru & @scraps_slaps

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Inspired by visuals of the beautiful Los Angeles, and beats from L, BEiLEET presents “This Is LA”. Enjoy some of the most remarkable shots of Hollywood Blvd, Downtown Los Angeles, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and Venice Beach.

Watch the video and see what makes LA iLEET.

BEiLEET Thanks You

Last week was the start of the BEiLEET Lifestyle Exclusive, which is a special event where people can experience a little bit of our lifestyle as well as our premium electronics. Thanks to all the students who came out and participated in the games and raffles that we had.  We really appreciate the feedback we received from those who joined us. We’d like you to know that while we prepare for the next event, we will be making some improvements for you to enjoy. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to join our BEiLEET eNewsletter for the latest updates and offers. For more exclusive offers, make sure to use a valid student email when signing up.

BEiLEET Sponsors the King of Kings 4

BEiLEET sponsors yet another big event and this time it’s even bigger. A few weeks ago we got invited to attend and sponsor the King of Kings 4 break-dance battle which took place in Southern California at the Boys & Girls Club. The event served as the qualifier to the Battle Mania event that took place in Taiwan. We came out and watched some very talented people as well as some talented crews shut it down. Some of the dancers flew from across the United States, and some actually flew overseas to participate.

Here is a video of some of the highlights of the King of Kings 4 event:

The event was a huge success and the judges could definitely feel the energy in the room.

Shoutout to the winners of the event:

Jfunky from the Crooks Crew in Chicago and Psalm 138:5

Why Athletes Choose BEiLEET®

It has been long in the making, but it’s finally here and ready for anyone that lives an active lifestyle. BEiLEET® has specially designed the Zone Wireless Speakers to fit the wide range of lifestyles that exist today. Skaters, surfers, bikers, runners, basketball players, and more, have tested the Zone and appreciate the premium built speaker for the motivation that it brings into their everyday lives. The Zone is perfect for all outdoor activities; from going to the beach to skating at the park to camping in the great outdoors.

Athletes need speakers that they can depend on every day that they go to work. Working out at home or at the park can be enjoyable for the individual or the entire group. Even businessmen choose BEiLEET® because it is portable and can take phone calls, so they never have to have a phone conference without their Zone. The versatility provided by the Zone Wireless Speakers is unmatched. It’s powered by Bluetooth® 4.0 technology which keeps the sound quality from deteriorating when wirelessly connected.

Direct Signal Processing technology (DSP) allows for an enhanced quality of sound which makes for a professional sound production experience. Enjoy bass that can actually be felt. The raw sound produced by the Zone is what keeps the iLEET moving.

The First Zone Wireless Speaker

The first batch of Zone Wireless Speakers are making their way to our warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles. Prepare yourself for a new way of listening to all the latest and greatest genres of music from Hip-Hop to Rap to Country, all the way to Classical. BEiLEET gives you the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, so you can be connected without connecting any wires. The Zone does come with an Aux input, so when you do want to be wired you can simply use the Aux cable provided in the box.

The Zone currently comes in two colors (Black & Silver or Silver) with carefully designed packaging for each. It also comes packed with a 2200mAh Li-ion battery that provides 8-10hrs of playtime, so you can enjoy your tunes without worrying about staying plugged in. To charge your Zone, simply connect the micro-USB cable provided and plug it into any USB-compatible port.


Introducing the Power-X Solar Battery Pack. The Power-X comes with a 10,000mAh battery to help keep all your mobile phones and all your other devices juiced on the go, wherever you go. It has a Micro-USB inlet to allow for a quick charge through the wall charger that is supplied. It also sports a solar panel which produces 1.5W of energy when exposed to sunlight.

This battery pack can fully charge your Apple iPhone 5 about 3-5 times. It can charge a BlackBerry Q10 about 3-4 times. It truly is an iLEET product for any of your mobile needs charging needs.

BerryFlow.com: Power-X Review

Here is a friendly review from BerryFlow. The video shows off the battery pack design and compares it to similar charging products for the BlackBerry Z10. They also show you the solar panel that it has and other goodies which it comes along with.

A special thank you goes out to the guys at BerryFlow for the kind review.